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Back Again, Harry?
Index: Back Again, Harry? 
3rd-Sep-2007 08:51 pm
harry potter
Title: Back Again, Harry?

Author: Jedi Buttercup

Disclaimer: All your Jarry Potter are belong to J.K. Rowling & etc.

Rating: FR13

Summary: Harry makes a different choice in King's Cross, and is given the double-edged gift of a second chance.

Spoilers: All seven Harry Potter novels

Notes: Time Travel AU. The first few lines of the prologue are from

0. Prologue
1. Back Again
2. Checking It Twice
3. Planning Ahead
4. One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
5. Balancing Acts
6. Tangled Webs
7. A Pleasant Interlude
8. Tests and Theories
9. A Vital Question
10. Nevermind The Consequences
11. Unexpected Revelations
12. Responsibility to Act
13. Aurors in the Castle
14. Sharing the Load
15. Progress Report
16. Fresh Perspectives
17. Gathering Momentum
18. Additional Complications
19. An Unexpected Sighting
20. (WIP)

Last updated January 8, 2017
Current wordcount: ~70,700Deathly Hallows chapter 35, "Kings Cross"; it branches off from there.
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